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YUMI Lashes SET (Lif + Fix + Serum Lotion –Solution # 1 + #2 + # 3)

Enough up to 40-50 treatments.


This pack contains 10 pcs x of the Step 1 (Le Lift solution), Step 2 (Le Fix) and Step 3 (Le Serum).

Each sachet - 1.5ml. This is because a set usually takes around 0.3ml of each step. In the old packaging that meant that you could get 2 set from each packet with some left over. Now you can comfortably get 5 sets from each sachet.

The step 3 called Le Serum (formerly Nourish) has had a major overhaul to much more effective and also includes Keratin to promote healthier and longer lashes!


Comes with 10 sachets of each step.

YUMI™ 2.0 Le Lift - Le Fix - Le Serum - Trio solutions (40-50 Treatments)


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