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NEW!!! YUMI LASHES tweezer`s KIT


The Accessory Kit has been specially designed for Yumi Lashes lash lift. Includes 4 tools for a clear and precise work to guarantee a perfect result. Matte black stainless steel instrument washable and reusable.


Lash lift separating tool matte black

Separates eyelashes from each other and stretches the eyelash on the silicone prosthesis in a straight and regular direction.


Lash magnifying mirror Yumi Lashes matte black

Ideal to check that all eyelashes are stuck on the silicone even the smallest ones. Permit to check that no eyelashes of the lower eyelid are stuck to the silicone.



Yumi Lashes Long tweezer extra fine matte black

Its curved tip allows precision work even for the internal or external corner of the eye. Specially designed to separate and flatten eyelashes.




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