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YUMI™ Lashes Biotin Serum Mascara Aftercare (x 5 pcs.).

Save 33% when you buy 5 pcs. ($165 instead $245).


RRP: $49-59 .



The YUMI™ Biotin Serum Aftercare Mascara has a natural Biotin formulation that safely and gently stimulates the growth of the lashes. This serum is fantastic for clients who have recently had extensions and the lashes appear to be damaged or sparse, or for clients who are looking for a safer alternative to harsh growth serums. It also keeps lashes extremely hydrated and nourished post service. After about 15 days of use, clients will notice improvement in the overall health of the lashes.



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YUMI™ Lashes Nourish Biotin Serum Mascara - wholesale pack x 5 pcs. SAVE 33%.

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