NEW!!! YUMI™ Lashes/Brows Master Beauty Case

Yumi Lashes/Brows beauty case x 1

YUMI Lashes/Brows bed cover or YUMI Uniform (For Free)

YUMI Lashes 2.0 Solution Set x 1 (up to 40-50 treatments)

Yumi Lashes small silicone support (x10)

Yumi Lashes medium silicone support (x1)

Yumi Lashes large silicone support (x10)

Yumi Lashes Medium/Large Silicone (x10)

Yumi Lashes soft glue 5 ml. x 1

Yumi Lashes/Brows Adhesive 10 ml. 

Yumi lashes brushes for adhesive 100 pcs.

Yumi tint deep black

Yumi tint blue black

Yumi tint graphite

Yumi tint light brown

Yumi tint deep brown

Yumi Lashes/Brows brush for tint

Yumi mascara wands x 25

Yumi Black Cotton swab with paper stern x 200

Yumi tweezlong

Yumi oxidant 50 ml.

Yumi puffer

Yumi microrfiber x 100pcs.

Yumi gelpatches x 15 pcs

Protein remover foam x 50 ml

Cup for solution x 100 pcs

Rings for solutions cup x 30 pcs

Yumi foam cleanser brush

Glass for tint

YUMI Client record cards x15 pcs.

YUMI Aftercare cards x15 pcs.


GST Included