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Say goodbye to​ mascara, lash curlers, fake lashes and wake up feeling amazing

YUMI Lashes uses an advanced 5-step system that lifts and
darkens your natural lashes. Your lashes will look longer and
thicker with effects lasting 8-12 weeks!



About YUMI Lashes

Inside YUMI products is where science meets beauty. Keratin is a naturally occurring protein present in our hair, nails,  and eyelashes. However, our lashes gradually lose Keratin due to exposure to sunlight, chemicals in cosmetics, and pollutants. Lashes also become weaker and more prone to fallout as we age.

Our Yumicians expertly utilise our products to replenish your lashes with Keratin in order to strengthen them, keeping them healthy, strong, and shiny.


Interested in YUMI Lashes?

Book an appointment with one of our highly trained Yumicians.

Become a Yumician by participating in our advanced training program.

If you are interested in adding to your skillset in the beauty and cosmetology industry, get in touch with us today. The YUMI Lashes treatment involves advanced techniques that require hands-on practice under the supervision of our skilled trainers.

YUMI’s lash lift is adapted for different eyelash types and structures for the best personalized results. It is a Frenchmade professional cosmetic that acts as an alternative to false eyelashes through the enhancement of the natural eyelashes.

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